Katrina Denise is a brand with a mission of transforming lives one word at a time. As an educator and mom, Katrina watched children overlook so many great books because they could not relate or see themselves in the characters. Katrina witnessed her daughter at the age of four, select novels simply because the cover displayed an African American child sporting natural hair, and that resonated with her more than the well-known books. As a result of this experience, Katrina knew her passion for writing had turned into a mission for literacy.

Katrina Denise provides weekly reviews of books by African American authors and illustrators. Using a vlog format, these reviews highlight unique characters, themes and storylines that help young minds blossom. Teachers and parents enjoy the reviews, which also provide teaching tips that correlate with the Common Core reading standards.

Her first book, The Message in The Mirror was released in November of 2016, and aims to help young girls realize that beauty is more than skin deep.