-Howard Carter, GoodReads


“The Message in The Mirror is a great book for building self-esteem in young children. I've read it to my daughters on three occasions since purchasing the book from Amazon. They really enjoy the story and love how the main character Aria sees herself for who she really is. I think this is the first book in our library that my daughters can actually relate to and I am very pleased about that. This is the first book that I've read by Katrina Denise and I went to her site and I was disappointed to see that this is only her first book. I am definitely looking forward to the second book about Aria when it comes out. I feel that this book is a must have for parents, teachers, and counselors who want to show students how beautiful they really are.”

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-Megan, Amazon Customer Review


"This is a book young girls need to help visualize themselves overcoming those thoughts of doubt and insecurity that tend to come up starting in elementary school years. It's so easy at that age to begin to get caught up in what others may perceive of you, but Katrina Denise's book helps remind them that, when you look in a mirror, you should pay attention that it's YOU looking back, not others. What you see and say of yourself is what defines you-- and according to Katrina Denise, this realization gives you wings! :)

I'll definitely be looking out for other books by Katrina Denise!

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Amazon Customer- Mumfybaby

"We love this book. Teaches your child very important lessons about determination, overcoming failure and more. A must read! "

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Lashawn Wesley, Amazon Customer


“I love this book. This books teaches you to love yourself. Thanks to her teacher for seeing something in her that she didnt see herself!!! Sometimes it takes others to show or tells us before we get it. I would recommend this book. This book is a very easy read!!!! Love yourself ”