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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I hope that 2019 brought you nothing but joy, happiness and opportunities to grow. Notice I didn't say sadness or negativity. Sure there may have been moments that were not the best, but hopefully you can now relish in the fact that you overcame them and are better now.

My 2019 was a year of learning for me. In addition to being an author, I am an educator, speaker, mom and a FOREVER LEARNER! Yes, even with a book that promotes self-love and esteem, there were times that I had to remind myself to face the mirror and believe in the power of me. It was when I did this and became intentional about how I wanted to live, and set goals that the stars in my life seemed to align!

2020 has come in like a lion and most are wishing that they were in some other time periods considering the pandemic. Many have made resolutions (things to do or not do) and are wondering what happens next. Usually your resolutions are a lists of things that you don't want to do with no action plan attached and that often leads to another year with little being done. If resolutions are all that made entering 2020, the pandemic isn’t the thing that will stop you!

Instead of making a resolution and allowing a virus to hold success and dreaming hostage, I encourage you to do the following instead....

1. Face the Mirror and Reflect. What do you love about you? Celebrate your wins! What do you want to do this year?

2. Speak Life to the new or leveled up you! Instead of saying I don't want to eat snacks, speak with INTENT and purpose.

Ex: I will treat my body with love through healthy eating.


Grab a journal like the Always Believe in the Power of You Journal and list your action steps.

Ex: Eat the rainbow 5 days a week. Orange on Monday. Green Veggies everyday!. Apple on Tuesday. Etc.

4. Don't stop there! Sure you wrote things down, but make them VISIBLE. Get some sticky notes and post one goal each day on your mirror or refrigerator. Get an accountability partner and stick with the plan.

5. Reflect often and celebrate your daily success. Your children and students can do this too. Click this link to receive a free daily journal template.

Let's make 2020 is a year of growth, celebrations and ROCK YOUR GIRLFIDENCE.

Shhh.....New apparel line coming soon!

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