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It's Booktober!

Okay, so that my not be a real thing, but anything with book in it sounds good to me. Actually it is National Book Month.

During this month we celebrate all things books, from fiction and non-fiction to graphic novels and mysteries. So what was the last book you read? Have you tried reading a genre of books outside of your norm? I have!

If you have read The Message in the Mirror or Picture Perfect Jordan you know that I love realistic fiction! However I recently read an amazing graphic novel, New Kid, and a young adult book called Restart. I also began journaling using Message in the Mirror Journal: 30 Day Guide to Increasing Your Girlfidence. It has truly helped me refocus, set goals, reflect and show gratitude.

The pandemic has changed soooooo much, but it has not diminished my love for books, and hopefully not yours either. So the next time you are sitting in your house bored, grab a book! Still looking for treats to give out for Halloween or as stocking stuffers, catch these sweet book deals!

Booktober or National Book Month may be coming to an end, but books and reading will last forever. I am always looking for new titles to read and new book pals so be sure to connect with me on Instagram at

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