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Black Boy, Black Boy

Let’s hear it for the boys!!! Boys who have overcome, soared, danced and have been game changers.

This rhyming book inspires readers to look at their world and recognize the black men who may be like, or look like them, and soar. Men like President Obama, Elijah McCoy, Goines and many more.

The illustrations are captivating and truly capture the essence of the work and inspiration of these individuals. The final words of the book serve as a charge to readers to begin a journey of their own and make their mark on the world. If the men highlighted in the book can do great things, so can you.

Not only is this book a great only for children of color and boys but introduces others to black men known and unknown. Sharing this book can lead to additional conversations and research about the figures noted or others who may have excelled in those fields.

While the book focuses in boys, girls can also be inspired and even go on to identify women who have also done great things!

Black Boy, Black Girl what do you see? See yourselves as enough and then go in the world and shine!

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