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You are Amazing so BE PROUD!

Today is February 1st! It is the start of Black History Month and also happens to be National Hijab Day. Looking different, having a different religion or even skin color has caused many women and girls to meet with unkindness, disrespect and at times even caused them to be overlooked.

As we start Black History month, I encourage us all to become informed, lead with kindness and to celebrate what makes us unique. We should also follow the words of the mom in the book, The Proudest Blue, "don't carry the hurtful words that others say. Drop them. They are only for those who said them."

In this story sisters attend school, one with a hijab and the other without. As the day goes on Asiya who is wearing her hijab is confronted by some who do not understand why she wears it or insult her throughout the day. However, the main character, Faizah, learns to be proud of her culture and views the hijab her sister wears as strong as the ocean/sky and representative of strength.

On this day and every day, we encourage Muslim girls and African Americans to see themselves for who they are and to no longer whisper as if their beauty and strength should be hidden. Throughout BHM and beyond teach children to stand in their truth. Share the beauty, talents, gifts and triumphs of others so that our youth can learn to continue to PROUDLY make HISTORY!

Use this book to spark a conversation about the author, Olympic Gold Medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad. Have readers discuss things that make them proud! Listen to a reading of the book by the author.

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