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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

If you ever thought for one second that you were not enough or incapable of greatness, let me remind you of the accomplishments of Frederick Douglas as stated in the children’s book, Frederick’s Journey.

Not only is this book beautifully illustrated, but it tells of the life of Douglas, his unwillingness to settle for what others believed he should be and his determination to not let how his story started to dictate how it would end. He also fought the right of others in his efforts to end slavery and secure the black vote!

How ironic are his words in this book considering the fact that today Maryland swore in its 63rd Governor and  the state’s first African American Governor who just so happened to take his oath on the Bible owned by Frederick Douglas.

This book can be used in many ways.

  1. Begin a discussion about enslavement in America, as well as the Civil War and voting.

  2. Further discussions can be held regarding Douglass’ determination, efforts and the final words in the book. Upper grades could discuss how a lack of respect for others impacts communities and how his words can inspire others today.

  3. Additional conversations about individuals today who have overcome despite what others have stated or challenging upbringings can be held. Great for research and current events.

  4. Students can discuss how the inclusion of all can/has made a difference today such as in the government.

Books can teach, inspire and transform readers for a better tomorrow. Check out the other great books for children in the blog!

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