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Yes Queen!!!

Do you remember your early years as a student? I still remember my kindergarten teacher, my little cubby, friends, learning and playtime. There was so much to enjoy, but before the joy came, there was a little fear of the unknown.

So how do you preperare your children for school? You teach them to love themselves and respect others. This is exactly what is shared in the book, Queen of Kindergarten. As the main character prepares for school she is given a tiara and told that as a queen she is encouraged to brighten every room, be caring and kind and to help others. Throughout her day opportunities arise for her to show that she is Royal. It all comes naturally because with or without her tiara she was born a queen.

In addition to the amazing illustrations, this is a great book to help readers tap into their own strength and self awareness. You should also check out the book, King of Kindergarten

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