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Do You Have a Struggling or Reluctant Reader? This book just might do the trick!!!

Today's book might be the treat your young reader needs.

Jaiden comes from a family of readers, but he happens to be the reluctant one. If people are reading, when will people play games? Well, Jaiden, decides that screen time is really what he wants and asks dad to hold his electronic device. Surprisingly, he doesn't use it to play games, but searches for information on animals like, "what do you call a flock of flamingos?" Now, Jaiden thinks he has a plan, he can use the tablet instead of reading.

Eventually his teacher gives a choice board home assignment with computer time as a choice. Looks like Jaiden has all of the stars aligned. His parents don't go for it and yes, this highly intelligent extremely informed five-year-old starts a petition!

I highly recommend this fictional book series. Your budding reader will be hooked. The author uniquely crafts information, and realistic fiction into a series of books that will have readers laughing and totally surprised by the things children can create. Check it out by clicking on the pic below! Jaiden Toussaint and the Quest for Screen Time by Marti Dumas.

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