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Giants Fall and Kids Rise

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

As I began to read Kool Kids and the Land of Giants, I found myself singing the lyrics, "Giants, the bigger they are the harder they fall" by Donald Lawrence. In this book siblings and relatives engage in play only to be confronted by temptation and health problems in the form of GIANTS like OBESITY. A darkness seems to loom over their community as indicated by the FOOD DESERT which highlights an absence of healthy food options. As a result, many kids and adults are overtaken by diabetes, unhealthy body weight, other health and hygiene concerns.

That is until the mini heroes armed with crosses around their necks, belief in their hearts and covered in prayer from their parents join forces to slay the Giants. Similar to David from the biblical story David and Goliath, these young heroes prove that armed with information (8 special steps), faith and a healthy diet, they can slay GIANTS and make a difference in their communities.

Author, James Tate, beautifully serves up a dish that feeds the soul of children. The main characters are African American and with diabetes being a disease prevalent in this community, this book will help young readers to make healthier choices even now. Great illustrations, messages and connections to biblical stories along with faith-based practices. Grab a copy today by clicking on the pic.

Classroom Connection

Though it can be inferred that the magical powers the children possess is due to their faith, children can clearly see that determination and teamwork are the themes covered in this text. Medical conditions such as diabetes aren't often discussed in the school setting yet our youth struggle with it or have family members dealing with it daily.

This book provides a great opportunity to discuss what diabetes is and choosing to eat a more balanced plate. For curriculums with health standards focusing on nutrition, this book can also be a great introduction. Upper grades could take a look at products and select items based on sugar content and carbs to create a meal and even determine the costs.

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